Become a Volunteer!

COVID-19 ANNOUNCEMENT:  New Volunteer orientation and trainings are suspended < DUE TO SHELTER IN PLACE> and will resume when possible.  We welcome our Advocate, Ally and Ambassador volunteers who are currently trained at the time of the the quarantine, and those who have already joined us as Meal Team members.

For current volunteer opportunities during quarantine providing food, outreach and health checks for our young people please email Emily Doyle at

Are you a passionate and talented person who wants to make a difference with your time?  Are you willing to be inclusive, compassionate and reliable? Our volunteers are staff. You are the life-blood here at Teen Feed. Individual, Corporate and Faith-based groups are welcome for nightly meals, days of caring and customized internships. Nightly Advocates serve as mentors and community ambassadors for our team. The first step to becoming a volunteer at Teen Feed is attending our Teen Feed Volunteer Orientation.

Teen Feed Volunteer /Intern Orientation:

Second Wednesday of every month, 5:30 – 6:30pm (except December and August)
University Congregational Church at 4515 16th Ave NE. T: 206.229.0813
Please RSVP to *bring documents for volunteer type with you. 

Orientation Dates 2020Please email to TO RSVP*
January 8 – Start the new year, volunteering!
February 12
July 8
August  – NO TRAININGS.  Interested? ask Emily at
September 9
October 14
November 11
December 2020 – NO TRAININGS

*Basic classes are required for all Advocates and Allies within the first two months of service, and suggested for ALL volunteers. CLICK HERE FOR UPCOMING DATES
*. These classes are not given by Teen Feed, but by partnerships within our community. Please inquire with them directly for locations and times.

ROPES.  Understanding and Engaging Youth Homelessness

Where: New Horizons, ROOTS and Alternate locations in U District, check with facilitator)
RSVP required. Contact us Locations change.
Conflict De-escalation. Navigating the Stages of Crisis. (optional for ALLIES)
Where:  *Contact us Locations change.
*Required within the first month of service with Teen Feed and offered in partnership with USDPA
Anti-Oppression. Not required, but open to Teen Feed volunteers. RSVP required.

Current Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Advocate Volunteers (over 18) Prefer Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays (updated 7/20/19)
  • Skill-based administrative, office and technology Volunteers (all shapes, sizes and persuasions and opinions!)
  • Meal Team Volunteers
  • Ally Volunteers (under 18) *subject to available spots, please inquire
  • Day of Caring Volunteers
  • Service learning students (University and Social Clubs) – fill out paperwork below, please
  • Other Special Projects Leads (updated 1/1/20): SalesForce Admins, WordPress Programmers, Graphic Artists, Data Entry Ambassadors, Google Metrics Geeks, New Grant Prospectors and Social Media Whizkids.  We customize internships and college student requirements to support your needs while you support youth.
Meal Team Volunteers:

Meal teams consist of five to 15 people aged 10 years and older, who provide and serve a hot, nutritious meals to youth at the Teen Meal Program. Meal Team Members provide food, prepare, and serve the meals, and clean the kitchen. Meal service is available in the University District (seven days a week), Auburn (Wednesday).Teen Feed serves 40-70 youth each night in the University District and 20-35 youth each night in the Auburn location. Meal cost averages range from $150 to $250. Corporate groups looking for team-building activities and social or civic groups make great meal teams!

Meal Team participation, on a one-time or recurring basis is subject to availability. Requirements include a completed Volunteer Orientation (Meal Team lead only), Confidentiality Agreement and Meal Team Application, and a $15 WA State Food handlers permit for Meal Team Leads and backups. We suggest but don’t require for everyone on your team to have a food handlers permit, but the Lead and Co-lead need one. For more information, please reach out to

Advocate Volunteers (over 18):

Advocate volunteers are responsible adults over 18 years of age, who provide consistency and relationship during the Teen Feed meal 6-8:30pm. Advocate volunteers are present at tables building connections with youth, support coordination staff and community partners. They build resiliency with our youth and provide a “family” of care. Advocate volunteers receive special training, shadow time and will be assigned an experienced Advocate volunteer mentor. *Currently (1/1/2020) Teen Feed is recruiting primarily for Monday, Friday and Saturday night Advocates, dependent on requests.  LGBT, male gender and Advocates of color are encouraged to apply**

Two hours, one day a week for a minimum of six months of service – one year preferred. Requirements include a completed Volunteer Orientation, Advocate Application, Confidentiality Agreement, and Washington State Patrol background check. Free additional training is provided. For more information, please reach out to

Ally Volunteers (ages 18 & under):

The Ally volunteer position is ideal for middle or high school students or any person who is 15-18 years of age who wants to provide assistance at a Teen Feed meal. The Ally volunteer assists with organization, set-up, and break-down of the basic needs closet, guest registration, or helps the food team with meal preparation, serving, and clean-up. Ally volunteers can serve individually with guardian consent, with a fellow Ally, or with a parent. Ages 15-17 are encouraged to bring a parent or guardian for orientation.

Two hours, one day a week. Minimum of six months of service. Requirements include a Volunteer Orientation, Confidentiality Agreement,  and a completed Ally Application. For more information, please reach out to

Ambassadors. Interns. Volunteer Your Skills and Talents:

Day of Caring:
Help keep our meal team sites sparkling clean for our meal teams and Teen Feed guests. Great for large group of volunteers, corporate groups and short term service projects! To learn more, please reach us at  You’ll need this Confidentiality Agreement for your participants.

Special Talents, Volunteers and Interns, or Custom Project:
Yes we can! From social media, to office work to joining the STOP backpack teams (civilians, doctors, nurses and case-workers), sharing vital trainings (financial planning, time management) if you have a special skill set to share that doesn’t fit any of these above descriptions we’re always looking for more creative ways for our neighbors and community to be involved. Email the Teen Feed team at and let us know! We always start here with the Confidentiality Agreement.

*currently we have one (unpaid) high school senior youth intern opening in project support (under 18 ok) for Fall 2020, 2-days weekly
*currently we have one (unpaid) spring 2020 and summer 2020 college internship left in graphic design and/or social media and curriculum design, and data entry positions.  Apply to