Cheryl Musselman, JD

Attorney, Stoel Rives LLP
Board Chair:

I love supporting young people. I am inspired by their energy and their approach to challenges. Teen Feed is unique in believing that serving individuals in their early years can positively influence their entire lives. To the board I bring many years of experience in the business, finance, and legal field and as Chair create the safe space for hard conversations, strategic visioning, and responsible governance to thrive.

Alessandra Durham, MBA

Chief of Staff | Snohomish County Executive Office, Co-Lead for Snohomish County Office of Social Justice

My experience as a strategy leader in project and program management, government affairs, community relations, and development, implementation, and coordination of policies and procedures in the Pacific Northwest region has allowed me to lead communities in tackling some of the greatest challenges including the opioid epidemic, food security, equity and inclusion, and the affordable housing crisis. As a board member I value the Teen Feed organization as it brings trust and humanism this important work.

Luis Ortega

Director, Storytellers for Change

All youth deserve access to a caring and affirming community. As a board member I am committed to serving youth by centering racial equity and embracing a healing-centered engagement approach. Change starts with us—our voices, actions, and commitment to engaging in philanthropy to build more equitable communities. That’s what Teen Feed does at every turn.

Patrick McMahon

Senior Communications Officer,
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 

I am inspired by young people and admire their energy and their approach to challenges. Teen Feed gets it – and knows that if we can help individuals in their early years, it can positively influence their entire lives. I bring many years of experience in the business, finance, and legal support to our Board, and a passion for the Teen Feed mission.

Sharmilla Pal

Chief Executive Officer of Amrita-Seattle 

I was first a volunteer. Based jointly in Seattle and rural parts of India and Nepal, I recognize the work Teen Feed does in addressing core institutional injustice. In a very real way, this organization asks the right questions and learns from and serves those most affected by it.

Aimée Marie Damman, MA

Director of Marketing &
Communications at Swansons Nursery


I love serving with Teen Feed because this staff and team is dynamic, creative, and tireless. Nourishment is essential, in all forms, and Teen Feed provides meals, support, and so much more. I bring my fundraising and marketing skills to the Board, as well as my enthusiasm, because I believe that Philanthropy brings people together and builds community. At its best, it is life-changing for both those who give and those who receive.

Teresa Rodriguez-McCann, MBA

Providence Health Services

I bring a varied background in business, commercial banking, and clinical trials to the Board team, and I just love the Teen Feed mission, a simple concept that allows young people to determine what success looks like to them, while living one barrier at a time to make it happen. I believe that an investment in our youth is vital to building future leaders and a better world for us all.

David Rudokas

Manager, Customer Success,
PitchBook Data

As the newest board member offering energy and perspectives while training in stewardship and governance is the way I serve the Teen Feed Mission. Using my metrics expertise to uplift youth through infectious Philanthropy means sharing the important work we do throughout my networks. I believe that compassion creates magic, and mine is a core personal value.