Meet Our Newest Team Members!

Teen Feed is excited to officially welcome two new Meal Program Coordinators to our team! While Aliya Gilmore and J Engels might be new to their present roles as Teen Feed Meal Program Coordinators, they have both been a part of the Teen Feed community for some time. They look forward to seeing you all and meeting new folks they haven’t yet connected with. Learn more about Aliya and J and their weekly Teen Feed schedules below…

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Meet Aliya Gilmore!
Aliya started with Teen Feed in the fall of 2014 as an Intern from University of Washington’s Service Learning Program. During her time at Teen Feed, Aliya has co-facilitated meal and (STOP) street outreach programs, coordinated and mentored volunteers and meal teams, and additional direct service and administrative functions. As of June, Aliya has been providing meal program coverage this summer.  Aliya brings eight years of community building experience and holds a B.A. in Social Welfare from University of Washington.
Aliya uses she/her pronouns and will be the lead for the Teen Feed University District on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday!

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Meet J Engels!

J originally started with Teen Feed in January 2010 as an AmeriCorps Volunteer where they provided meal program coordination a few nights a week and  supported STOP street outreach. After AmeriCorps, J continued as a part time employee providing meal coordination support. J graduated from Seattle University Law School in May 2014 and officially became a lawyer this past June. For the past year, J has been volunteering weekly at Teen Feed Rainier Beach.
J uses they/them pronouns and will be filling in as the lead the
Teen Feed University District on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!

– If you need assistance on the day of program, please reach us at 206.229.0813.
– For volunteer schedules and inquiries, please reach Ursula Wright at or 206.307.2893.
– For inquiries about Teen Feed’s Meal Program, please reach Brandy Grant at