Volunteer Spotlight: Jasmine Daniels


Jasmine Daniels, a Force for Good!

We are so very excited to spotlight Jasmine this month. After spending most of her youth in Anchorage, Alaska, she came to Seattle in 2009 to study Psychology at the University of Washington. Jasmine is a Advocate Volunteer who provides positive connections for youth, gracing Teen Feed with her signature warmth and grounding calm on not one, but two nights in program each week. It is our privilege to introduce her to you!

When did you start at Teen Feed? What inspired you to volunteer with us?
I started this last February. I was interviewing therapists about career paths in psychology. One of those interviews was with Stacey Prince, who volunteers with a meal team in Auburn.  I wanted to do direct service, and I really wanted to be on the front lines, so she recommended Teen Feed.

What was your impression of Teen Feed when you started?
I didn’t know what to say to youth. I liked the idea of debriefs and the extra trainings we get to have to help us. Now it’s easier to talk to guests, and after taking the motivational interviewing class, I now have a process for following a guests lead for what they need and how to get there.

We love food here at Teen Feed. What did you eat today?
I’m trying to remember the name of the cereal….. I think it’s Barbara’s Puffins, and a yummy americano!

How does volunteering at Teen Feed affect other parts of your life?
It’s the only thing I do in the evening. It’s encourage me to to be more empathetic with strangers. It has personalized the issue of homelessness for me.

What is your favorite meal you have at Teen Feed?
Spaghetti, garlic bread, and salad. I also like the bean and cheese burritos!

What advice would you give to new volunteers?
I guess, don’t worry about having something to say. It’s better to not force your opinion on youth.

Is there anything about your experience at Teen Feed that you want to tell me that you haven’t said already?
I have never been so confronted about my privilege before. It’s interesting to think about. It’s not very comfortable, but it is really important.

Thank you for your commitment to youth, Jasmine! To learn more about Teen Feed’s Advocate, Ally, and Meal Team volunteer programs, click here. To support Teen Feed’s work and the lives of homeless young people , click here.