Thank You Teen Feed Donors – We Made the Goal for Kids in 2016

There is a warm feeling as we come together to do something good, and recently with #GIVEBIG we did that – $25,000.00 later we stand together with the ability to do more, dream more, and allow our kids the freedom to choose life off the streets with the resources to support them.

On behalf of the staff, meal teams, board members and dozens and dozens of volunteers that made the gears of the two days work, we say “thank you.” Thanks for the generous monetary gifts, the data entry, the phone trees, Seattle Community College Social Justice students for the amazing social media spams and Starbucks, for hot coffee cups.  Thanks to the Seattle Foundation who in the face of adversity rose to an enormous challenge and extended giving times. All of you went above and beyond, and we thank you from our hearts.  — Teen Feed