Table Captain Resources!


What Is a Table Captain?

A Table Captain agrees to invite friends, colleagues and family to fill a table of 8 guests at Teen Feed’s “More than a Meal” Luncheon on Thursday, October 9, 2014. We make it easy! Our Table Captain Resource Packet provides personalized support and all the resources one needs to fill a table. Table Captains play a critical role in helping connect people who may want to support an organization like Teen Feed to the work we do in the community. Teen Feed has doubled the number of meals it serves over the past 4 years, and we need your help to meet the growing need.

Need Resources or Support?

Please reach Suzanne Sullivan Development and Communications Director at or call 206.949.1092.

Premier Table Captain

A Premier Table Captain purchases a table of 8 for $1,000 and invites guests to join them at the luncheon. Table Captains select the Premier option to inspire their guests to match their giving or to satisfy the requested minimum donation for their guests. Premier Table Captains can fulfill their $1,000 commitment through a one-time donation made in advance of or at the event or through a monthly or quarterly pledge.

Hosting Table Captain

A hosting Table Captain invites guests to join them at their table at the luncheon, offering the opportunity for them to personally support Teen Feed’s work. This is an ideal opportunity to introduce Teen Feed’s work to people at your workplace, social groups and more. Filling a table with like-minded people helps introduce the community to Teen Feed, the youth we serve, and opportunities to be more involved.