OPEN: Part-Time Meal Coordinator

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Mission: Teen Feed works with the community to offer support to meet basic needs, build strong relationships, and ally with homeless youth as they meet their future off the streets. Teen Feed responds to the most basic needs of homeless youth with three integrated programs: the Teen Feed Meal Program, Street Talk Outreach Program (STOP) and Service Links for Youth (SLY). Each program contains coordinators training in youth access to healthcare.

Summary: The Teen Feed Meal Program Coordinator supervises all operational aspects of the meal program, including the floor supervision and support of meal team volunteers, Advocates, and Allies. The leadership shown in this vital position ensures safety and consistency in Teen Feed’s meal program and stewards a community of supporters as described in the duties outlined below. The Teen Feed Meal Program Coordinator reports to the Programs Director.

Job Duties and Responsibilities (Other duties may be assigned, as appropriate)

  • Know and share knowledge of every facet of Teen Feed Meal Program operation, including set-up, meal preparation, serving, and clean up. Train and/or support the food team volunteers in these tasks.
  • Oversee the nightly Teen Feed Meal Program as scheduled. Enforce rules at stated in the Teen Feed manual and ensure safety among Teen Feed guests, Advocates, Allies and meal teams using techniques for conflict de-escalation and excellent communication.
  • Supervise guests during Teen Feed Meal Program operation: enforce age limit, steer guests towards referrals or services, and refer and act as a bridge to SLY, STOP, or YAC health programs (or partner agency case management programs.
  • Work with Teen Feed and/or partner agency Support Coordinators/Case Managers to ensure consistency in Teen Feed Meal Program staffing coverage. Assure volunteers records each guest sign on the Youth Sign-in Sheet, and that volunteers sign in on the Volunteer Sign-in Sheet.
  • Utilize and foster skilled volunteerism.  Support Meal Program volunteers in their roles, remembering that they are also community members, donors, and businesspeople outside of Teen Feed — resources to support feedback and overall health of the organization. Include regular check-ups with volunteers during the  program.
  • Play an active part in creating training manuals, collecting stories for development, data collection, and soliciting feedback from youth and partner locations. Write in-kind receipts to donors as requested. Ensure in particular that meal teams record actual meal cost nighty. Potentially supervise Day of Caring volunteers to deep clean kitchens and facilities.
  • Understand and facilitate a positive work environment, encouraging all meal teams and guests to honor Teen Feed’s Meal Program site contracts with all host locations
  • Unlock host sites daily for volunteer meal teams. Participate in facility repair such as graffiti removal, and maintenance such as sweeping, mopping, and taking out the garbage.  Keep storage rooms/closets organized and neat.
  • Lead pre-Meal Program meeting with Advocates and Allies, as well as a post-Meal Program debrief to discuss daily victories; log any information that might be helpful for serving our guests better (i.e. new bars, overall tenor of the evening, any particular youth to note)
  • Monitor Teen Feed phone, binder, keys; ensure all things are brought back to the office at the end of the night
  • Input donation and volunteer data in Salesforce within 5 business days. Update meal program statistics for coverage nights.
  • Assist with Annual ID check: collect materials from guests and coordinate with other agencies to coordinate release of information if guests do not have valid ID, potentially assist with weekly Food Lifeline orders and pick-up
  • Other duties, as assigned on an ad hoc basis or as part of a temporary project
  • Skills and Qualifications:
  • Four-year degree preferred. Social sciences or related field,  Previous experience with homeless youth and young adults a plus or Two years of college credit and two years experience working with homeless youth and / or young adults.
  • Knowledge of social service systems and clinical issues pertinent to homeless youth
  • Ability to partner effectively with diverse local service providers at their sites and demonstrate respect for all service providers’ philosophies and missions.
  • Knowledge and ability to use a harm reduction model in supporting and providing all services
  • Demonstrate an initiative to learn and enhance skills that promote anti-racism and anti-oppression and an understanding of oppression and its impact
  • Willingness to participate as a collaborative team member at weekly meetings, share feedback and mentor professional behavior with peers and youth
  • Ability to empathize with homeless youth and on some level to relate with their unique experiences.
  • Clear understanding of appropriate professional boundaries when working in close proximity to youth served,
  • Participation and awareness of the Meal Program as a forum for stewardship, and represent Teen Feed appropriately
  • Ability to perform all services in a culturally respectful manner, honoring homeless and street-involved young people as valued individuals
  • Ability to use language and behavior that demonstrates a basic respect for the dignity and value of those served, as well as coworkers and colleagues
  • Ability to take initiative and be self-motivated, working with minimal supervision
  • Excellent communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to follow all agency policies including, but not limited to, Teen Feed confidentiality and personnel policies, including keeping private any privileged information relating to other employees or those served
  • Commitment to youth empowerment
  • Sense of humor
  • Proficient in MS Office suite and basic computer applications, such as word processing, spreadsheets, and databases
  • Organization and planning skills
  • Preference for bilingual or multilingual candidates.
  • On call Position is part time with flexible hours

Interested candidates send an email to Teen Feed Recruitment at with a current resume and cover letter and “Part Time Meal Coordinator” in the subject line.