Nutrition at Teen Feed

Seven nights a week the youth that access Teen Feed can count on a hot nutritious meal thoughtfully prepared by volunteer meal teams. The dishes that meal teams offer are of delicious homemade quality. “I am impressed with the meal teams food handling, selection and general good nature that they impart to the meals,” comments Marybeth Walton as she observes a night at Teen Feed.

Marybeth is a nutrition student at Bastyr University who has chosen to focus on Teen Feed for her senior project on community nutrition program development. Her goal is to help find a way to improve upon the meals that youth receive by building on the nutritional content of the meals served. Through a community nutrition model Marybeth has been collecting relevant information about the healthcare needs of the youth we serve. Her project and expertise will address healthcare needs by creating recipes and meals that promote health and wellness.

We look forward to incorporating Marybeth’s knowledge and experience as a nutrition and dietetic student into Teen Feed’s meal program. She is currently collaborating with and gathering information from our committed and passionate meal teams. We look forward to learning more from Marybeth, utilizing the recipes she crafts and ultimately continuing to offer youth the best and most nutritious hot meals, every night of the year.

– Katelyn Stickel, Teen Feed Coordinator