Now is the Time for Courage. Give.

Becau$e. Now more than ever warm socks, nutritious meals, healthcare copays, first-time housing, GED fees and birth certificates for these incredible kids all cost dollars – and all are essential first steps to a life off the streets.

Because. After 30 years Teen Feed stands strong and vital, a hallmark low barrier organization respecting diversity with proven results. Teen Feed continues to get it right, creating the trusting relationships with youth that prevent permanent homelessness irrespective of gender preference, race or situation. We meet them where they are.

Becau$e You Share our Mission. Don’t stand by idle. Individual donors like you will partner with us to accomplish this vital work by giving from $15 to $5,000. Any amount is put to work.

Teen Feed created over 3,000 positive contacts with street youth moving more than 400 of these young adults into services in 2016 – with respect for their stories, goals and dreams, and with your contribution$.

Because you know that compassion is a stronger solution than fear, we challenge you to care. Travel with us in 2017 at every meal, in every outreach backpack, under every bridge, and with every future with alter. Give generously. Give monthly. Give joyfully. We’re on the streets taking the first steps. With you beside us, WE’VE GOT THIS.