New Beginnings in 2013

The New Year marks new beginnings and positive changes – especially for the youth and young adults at Teen Feed.
You make it possible for vulnerable young people experiencing homelessness to make their hopes a reality. It is our privilege to share the hopes for the New Year of young people who are relying on Teen Feed today and working hard for their futures.

“I hope to be more responsible and make better decisions.”

“I hope for stable living.”

“I hope to be a great Mom.”

“I hope for a happy home life.”

“I hope to be happy.”

“I hope next year will turn out better than the last.”

“I hope to get into housing and start making a better life.”

“I hope to have a job for the New Year!”

“I hope to be a better artist.”

“I hope for a stable life.”

“I hope to get into housing.”

“I hope to be joyful.”

“I hope to get out of homelessness.”

“I hope to marry my sweetheart.”

“I hope for new career building skills and to go back to college.”

“I hope for a job in the New Year.”

“I hope to be more persistent.”

“I hope to get into housing.”

“I hope to work problems out in a positive and effective way.”

THANK YOU for holding the belief that young people in need deserve to be happy, healthy, and safe. Through Teen Feed, you offer warm meals and basic needs items, you help create a compassionate and caring community, and you provide young people with the tools and resources that transform their futures. Thank you for supporting youth in need at this dynamic time in their lives.

Cheers to new beginnings. For all of us!

With gratitude,
Teen Feed Team

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