September’s Advocate of the Month – Kenneth Hamilton!

On Saturday nights, you can find Kenneth connecting with youth and young adults as an advocate for Teen Feed. During the week you can also find Kenneth at ROOTS young adult shelter, where he works. Not only is Kenneth volunteer at Teen Feed, but he helped coordinate the most epic volunteer appreciation kickball extravaganza AND he ran a half marathon half on behalf of Teen Feed in 2011. Did I mention Kenneth will be running another half marathon this year too? Now that’s commitment!

How long have you been volunteering with Teen Feed?

A year and a half now.

Why/ how did you get involved with Teen Feed?

I was volunteering at Lifelong AIDS Alliance as a part of the empowerment project. Some Teen Feed volunteers came to volunteer with the empowerment project and the empowerment project volunteers began going to Teen Feed. Through that exchange I realized the power of sharing a meal as a fundamental way of creating connections. How sharing simple things can bring people together.

What is your favorite thing about volunteering at Teen Feed?

There is so much. I guess the first thing is the instant air of welcoming and respect, and the fact that you don’t have to jump over hurdles to get a meal. Its just such a relaxed atmosphere. The guests served are great, the people you get to work with are great, and the service provided is so unique.

What do you like to do outside of volunteering?

I am into sports. I like biking, football, and baseball. I also enjoy my work at ROOTS

What did you eat today?

A cheese steak and a bowl of cereal.

What have you learned from volunteering at Teen Feed?

We can all take care of each other. Staff can help guests, and guests can help staff. Working together we can all change the world. That doesn’t sound too cheesy does it?

That doesn’t sound cheesy at all! Thanks for being an awesome advocate Kenneth!  If you are interested in being a volunteer at Teen Feed, click here or email to learn more.