Meet Oliver Whyte, Excel guru and Advocate of the Month!

Oliver Whyte was once described to us as an Excel Guru. Turns out, he has his Ph.D in Computer Vision. Wow.

Oliver recently lent us his Ph.D expertise and skills, transforming our sign-in procedure by developing a database to better track the information we collect each night at Teen Feed’s sign-in. Oliver has also been a Sunday night advocate with his wife, Lindsey, for the past nine months. Oliver has taken his relationship with Teen Feed’s youth “beyond the meal”, offering his skills to help us to do our best work behind the scenes. We chatted with Oliver to find out what motivates him to be an advocate at Teen Feed…

Why/how did you get involved with Teen Feed?

My wife Lindsey began volunteering first and encouraged me to volunteer as well. It’s been great. It’s given me a chance to work with youth who may be struggling, who still have an opportunity to have a positive experience and place in society.  I really enjoy meeting youth and talking to them, seeing their achievements and seeing Teen Feed’s role in their lives. The meals and the case management – Teen Feed is something stable and reliable.

What is your favorite thing about volunteering at Teen Feed?

The fact that when I go to program I learn from our guests. I learn so much about various topics and what people are interested in through conversation. They have so much knowledge.

What do you like to do outside of volunteering?

Last summer Lindsey and I went hiking and camping in the surrounding national parks. I used to play the trumpet and am planning on picking it up again.

What did you eat today?

A cinnamon roll that Lindsey made. Also some bread, roasted vegetables and pesto, Lindsey also made this. I’m quite spoiled.

What have you learned from volunteering at Teen Feed?

I see in practice the notion of the saying “there is a person behind every face”. I have never been outside of my comfort zone (speaking to people I don’t normally meet). I see this saying in reality and up until now I was in school, meeting people like me, doing similar things. Teen Feed gives me the opportunity to experience “the person” in this saying, at every meal.

…and we enjoyed getting to know you, “the person” who is Oliver!

If you are interested in becoming an advocate or learning more about ways to become involved with Teen Feed click here or email We look forward to hearing from you!