Meet April’s Advocate of the Month, David Hollingsworth!


David Hollingsworth has been an easy going, dedicated and inspiring volunteer since December of 2010.

He is an engaging conversationalist, critical thinker, and a generous supporter of Teen Feed. David sees his life through a lens of interconnectedness and he engages and shares ideas with humble excitement. He even celebrated his birthday by asking his friends to donate to the Teen Feed program! We’re fortunate to be able to count on him as a volunteer and celebrate his commitment to Teen Feed.

Why/how did you get involved with Teen Feed?

I am studying Social Justice at Antioch University and volunteering is a vital aspect of my education. I really wanted to be a part of the community that I plan to work with upon graduating. The mission of Teen Feed and the low barrier accessibility of program really resonated with me. It was really important for me to get involved in social justice work outside of the classroom.

What is your favorite thing about volunteering at Teen Feed?

The people. The advocates and the youth – I just have a lot of love in my heart for everyone at Teen Feed. We all come together once a week, volunteering for the same cause and working toward the same goal: to talk to youth. These youth are the most forward and honest people I know. I really see potential at Teen Feed, whether it’s a youth who is creating art at Sanctuary Art Center, playing the piano during dinner, or talking about what they’re working toward. It’s encouraging and inspiring to be a part of that.

What do you like to do outside of volunteering?

I love going to Sounders games. I’m a huge fan! I also play soccer and disc golf with my Labrador. And I study of course, more than ever before in my life.

What did you eat today?

A scone. Fantastic.

What have you learned from volunteering at Teen Feed?

There’s a lot. I’ve learned that there’s a certain tangible resiliency in the youth, and I’ve really come to respect this. Some youth are striving for life, in a positive way. Before I was volunteering I thought there would be more frustrations and depression from youth. But at Teen Feed I see youth who are working to better their lives with beautiful resiliency. It is really inspiring.