May’s Ally of the Month – Hanah Joudi!

A High Schooler, volunteer, and award winner. Amazing!

Hanah Joudi has been an Ally for the past year and a half.  She has been a dedicated Friday night volunteer, building connection with guests and helping to hand out socks and hygiene supplies. This spring, Hanah applied for and received a volunteer award on behalf of Teen Feed and the service she has done as an Ally. The Soroptomists, an organization that focus on women’s empowerment, awarded her with the Young Women’s Volunteer Achievement Award.  Please help Teen Feed celebrate Hanah and her success!

Why/how did you get involved with Teen Feed?

I thought I needed volunteer hours to graduate from my high school, so I was looking for a place to volunteer. I continued to volunteer at Teen Feed because I liked it so much.

What is your favorite thing about volunteering at Teen Feed?

My favorite things about volunteering at Teen Feed is that it teaches me new things every time I’m there. Whether it be about the challenges that homeless youth face or things I can do to help.

What do you like to do outside of volunteering?

I play golf, travel to new places and hang out with my friends!

What did you eat today?

I’ve eaten an omelet with tomatoes, cheese and chives; and a spoonful of nutella.

What have you learned from volunteering at Teen Feed?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned from Teen Feed is that there is so much more to homelessness than I thought before I started volunteering. There are so many factors that contribute to why a youth is experiencing homelessness.

Thanks for your hard work Hanah!

Interested in being a volunteer at Teen Feed? Click here or email to learn more.