2012 Community Recognition Awards

Each year Teen Feed recognizes community members who do an amazing job supporting youth at Teen Feed. We have over 600 active volunteers, and it is so incredibly hard to find just one person to honor. In some cases, we couldn’t choose just one. Tremendous thank you to *all* of Teen Feed’s amazing volunteers and supporters!

2012 STOP VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR – Josie Watanabe
STOP volunteers join staff on outreach to provide basic needs and connection for youth on the streets and in public spaces.
As the Teen Services Librarian for Seattle Public Library – University Branch, Josie Watanabe is passionate and committed to empowering youth and young adults in need. Josie has brought her positivity and compassion to Teen Feed by both regularly volunteering with STOP for over a year and serving as the Co-Facilitator for the University District Service Providers Alliance (UDSPA). She is an active community member and leader and, as many people describe, “Josie is the most awesome librarian. Ever!”

2012 ALLY OF THE YEAR – Tomas Narvaja
Ally volunteers are under the age of 18 who attend Teen Feed once per week. 
Tomas Narvaja began serving as an Ally volunteer over two years ago, at the age of 16. Most remarkably, Tomas has provided basic needs items, support and connections at Teen Feed nearly every Friday and Saturday evening since . Tomas brings his youthful spirit, his endless enthusiasm, and his jovial attitude to every interaction he has with Teen Feed guests, who see him as a role model they can relate to.

2012 ADVOCATES OF THE YEAR- Carl Powers, David Hollingsworth, Zephyr Mattinson
Advocates are specially trained volunteers who provided one on one connections with youth during the Teen Feed meal.

Carl Powers, David Hollingsworth and Zephyr Mattinson are deeply trusted at Teen Feed. In the last year, they have stepped up to begin serving as on-call direct service staff , helping to maintain quality and consistency in the Teen Feed program during its expansion process. 

– Carl Powers has volunteered with Teen Feed since 2007. Starting out as an Ally volunteer when he was in high schooler, and continuing his service as an advocate. He brings his incredible humor and natural leadership skills to his connections with youth in his longstanding commitment every Tuesday night.
– Zephyr Mattinson
is an amazing collaborator and mentor.  She makes every effort to attend community trainings to better her  interactions with guests. If a guest has a resource question that she doesn’t have the answer for, she’ll research the answer at home that night so she’ll have it ready next week.  She mentors new volunteers and provides insight and wisdom through her compassion and her keel listening skills.
– David Hollingsworth
uses creativity when engaging the youth community. He brings humble excitement to program every night.  Always advocating for Teen Feed, David asked  his friends and family to donate to Teen Feed in place of birthday gifts for him, raising fuinds and sharing Teen Feed’s work with everyone he knows. 

2012 GOLDEN PLUNGER & COMMUNITY PARTNER – University Congregational United Church of Christ
The Golden Plunger is awarded to an individual who does an exceptional job helping Teen Feed at the meal team sites. This year, we wanted to recognize an organization of so many that support Teen Feed.

University Congregational United Church of Christ has been a true partner in providing for youth at Teen Feed. They hosted the Teen Feed office in the 1990s, provide the site for the Annual Holiday party providing a holiday celebration for 130 young people in need, and in January of this year, they added a third night of hosting Teen Feed, which allowed us to consolidate meal sites. They folks of University Congregational have multiple meal teams, do a basic needs drive every year, and are unfailingly positive and supportive of the youth we serve.