Advocate of the Month: Sarah Anderson!

Teen Feed’s Advocate of the Month – Sarah Anderson!!

Sarah Anderson rules. She has been an Advocate with Teen Feed for six months. In addition to her outstanding contribution as a volunteer, Sarah raised $2,520 for Teen Feed as a runner in the Rock n Roll Marathon. Her final time was 4 hours and 43 minutes. Rad! Read on to learn more about Sarah and the heart she brings to Teen Feed.

Why/how did you get involved with Teen Feed?
I attended the Ben Gibbard benefit show and when Megan explained what Teen Feed is I knew it fit with what I was looking for in regards to my volunteer goals. I was drawn to the organization because I felt like I could relate to the youth because I grew up in a difficult home. I currently work a very demanding job. Teen Feed provides balance to my life.

What is your favorite thing about volunteering at Teen Feed?
I know it’s where I should be. Time flies by when I’m listening to people’s stories; seeing the hope in people’s eyes; hearing people’s honesty in interactions – you’d never hear people be that honest in a coffee shop or interact this way in another capacity. The human experience is intriguing to me.

What do you like to do outside of volunteering?
I run! I also play kickball, we’ve won two championship in my Underdog League. I also like to work on my house. The house is 111 years old, so there are a lot of quirks.

What did you eat today?
A Clif Builder’s bar (peanut butter flavor) and a cup of coffee.

What have you learned from volunteering at Teen Feed?
I have learned that providing support is the more important than expressing your own expectations for people. People change when they want. Teen Feed is integral because there are people that youth can rely on. You have ideas of how people should live their life but you can’t project your own goals. You just have to be there for them. I wish the person I am at Teen Feed could be manifested in the rest of my life.