Executive Director
Thomas E. Rembiesa he/him, ACSW, | 206.522.4366
Mission Focus and HR, BSW/MSW supervisor

Community Engagement, Volunteerism and Philanthropy (Deputy Director)
P. Janine Kennedy she/they, | 206.409.1202
We welcome your questions regarding our programs, donations,
corporate drives, service events and community opportunities
***Prospect and Grant Support (PT) Theresa S. she/her

Volunteer Services Manager
Jordan Van Hoozer she/they, | 206.446.1075 

Outreach Manager – Street Talk Outreach Program (STOP)
Katrina Stephens she/her, | 206.356.9314
Street Youth internship interviews will resume at a TBD date.

SLY Coordinator and Navigation Support – Service Links for Youth Coordinator | 206.802.5735
Youth Resource Services Navigator:  –  **email Katrina for an appointment 

Dinner Program Manager
Day Sylvester he/him, | 206.474.5361

Administrative and Data Support Team
Stephanie C. she/her –  Salesforce Data Manager

Michael S. he/they – Admin Support

Part Time Dinner Coordinators – Nightly On Call Youth Team
Taylor I., Avrey T., Shelby H. Omar R.G., Ximena Z-L, Karina M
Any of these staff can be reached at | 206.229.0813

2022-2023 Academic Year Interns

UW MSW Interns **INCOMING Fall 2022**

UW UCBI (University of Washington Community-Based Internship Program) **Incoming Winter 2023**

Volunteer Kitchen Leads
Volunteers Leads: Irem O, Morgan G, Rachel S, Kamryn K, Michele H, Rayne L, Casey C
Any of these staff can be reached at

April 2022– We’re always looking for great part-time board members.
Please email our chair Patrick M. at

Ambassadors (Service Volunteers for Marketing, Best Practice, Special Projects, Equity Work, Staff Resiliency, Salesforce, Educational Alliances, Crisis management support and Acute Healthcare, Video Making)
Want to talk to any of the VOLUNTEERS below that provide no-cost service to Teen Feed? Email to:

  • Abby M, Jenni Y (HR, Recruitment, Social Media)
  • Sindra J. (Administrative and Salesforce Support)
  • Meg G. for staff counseling, and Laurel J. our Accountant
  • Jess C. and Whitney F. (Curriculum Development)
  • Our volunteer nurses and EMTs who travel with the backpack outreach teams.
  • Our UW UCBI students, our Master’s Capstone Students in Public Health, Social Work, Psychology, Social Justice, and Bastyr for nutritional brainstorming
  • Our alliance with King County Harvest Against Hunger Farm to Table network
  • Nonprofit Accelerator for their continuous contributions to the development, administrative and marketing components of small but mighty 501c3’s like Teen Feed

Nightly Volunteer Advocates and Allies, and Meal Team Volunteers
Thanks to our amazing Meal Teams, nightly Ambassadors, Advocate mentors and Ally (15-18) corps for the time, talent and dedication to our resilient youth community 365 days a year. You are the heart of Teen Feed, and 800+ community members strong.

OPEN POSITION?  – YSSN Youth Navigator and Dinner Coordinator
Please see our Employment Opportunities page and check with Recruitment, 

Need Help with Health Benefit Enrollment? Reach us at  We partner with King County mobile units, YMCA Accelerator, NeighborCare, and UW Nurses and we refer to local healthcare clinics for in-patient care and COVID testing and vaccinations. Coordinators network with over 40+other agencies and nonprofits to find the best pathway to a solution for our young people and walk with them through bureaucracy. Healthcare, funding, policies, municipal services and the social work community is fluid so we are too.