Our Strategic Plan 2021-2023

Our Work Ahead:

Mission:  Teen Feed works with the community to offer support to meet basic needs, build strong relationships, and ally with homeless youth as they meet their future off the streets.

Teen Feed is a lean, responsive and resilient organization.  Teen Feed’s Board of Directors and staff renew a  2 Year Flexible Plan to guide our programs, marketing and investments as we offer, build, and ally with homeless youth. We will continue to focus on: meals, relationships, stability and deep networks with strong partners who complement what we do well. Our plan demonstrates Teen Feed’s commitment to volunteerism, collaborating with the community, businesses, faith organizations and service organizations to help meet needs.

Strategic Focus – Programs
Offer a resource rich program/s (current: meal, SLY, STOP) experience that exemplifies the Teen Feed culture and provides youth pathways to their future off the streets.
            Goal:    Fully trained and supported staff and volunteers for meal programs.
            Goal:    Integrated/cohesive services with Teen Feed Support Coordination and Street Outreach.
            Goal:    Establish key resources with community partners (i.e. employment, health,
                        housing) and have them consistently available at Meal Program sites.
            Goal:    Ongoing Meal Program feedback and evaluation process.
Strategic Focus – Volunteers
Ensure a robust volunteer corps, inclusive of skill-based needs, to expand the opportunities and support the diverse needs of Teen Feed.
Goal:    Create volunteer stakeholders in the community who invest financially, culturally and emotionally in organizational outcomes.
            Goal:    Develop an engaged volunteer network participating in areas such as governance, administration, and strategy in a meaningful and personal way.
            Goal:    Create a volunteer base reflective of the diversity of our youth, donor-centered values and Teen Feed mission goals.
            Goal:   Trained and supported volunteers.
Strategic Focus – Board
Have a resource and skill based board that is strategically aligned and supports the mission, values, culture, governance, fiduciary, and fund development responsibilities of the organization.
            Goal:   Responsible for stewarding relationships with current corporate and individual
                        donors and cultivating relationships with prospective corporate and individual donors.
            Goal:   Recruit a board diverse in skills, culture, gender, community connections and view points.
            Goal:   Create the resources and tools to support the board in its primary functions.

Our Strategic Vision
Teen Feed gets it right. The Teen Feed Board and Staff supports a comprehensive strategy to guide the organization in the execution of programs, marketing, investments and collaborations with the city, organizations and corporate partners. The strategic plan demonstrates our commitment to volunteerism, collaboration with the community, businesses, faith organizations and service providers to met the needs of homeless youth.

We Can’t Get There Alone:
As our partner in support of homeless youth we invite you to become involved in Teen Feed’s plans for the future. We welcome your interest and participation. To learn more, please reach Teen Feed’s Board of Directors at board.chair@teenfeed.org or info@teenfeed.org.

Our Core Values:
1. All people are entitles to the basic human rights of health, safety, and self-determination.
2. We work to foster a sense of mutual respect with our clients.  We recognize the autonomy of the youth we serve and respect their values and judgment.
3. The young people we serve have the right to impart meaningful input to the Teen Feed staff and our programs.
4. We build and nurture relationships through consistency, trust, and mutual accountability.
5. Homelessness is not a reflection of the merits of one’s character.  We are all people of equal value: any of us could be in the same situation as the people we serve.