June’s Advocate of the Month – Andrea Cote

Thoughtful, brilliant and supportive.  That’s Andrea Cote. We first got to know and admire Andrea when she began as an Intern at Teen Feed in the spring of 2011. We love working with Andrea in and outside of program. Since her internship, Andrea continues to help us out with her broad skill set behind the […]

May’s Ally of the Month – Hanah Joudi!

A High Schooler, volunteer, and award winner. Amazing! Hanah Joudi has been an Ally for the past year and a half.  She has been a dedicated Friday night volunteer, building connection with guests and helping to hand out socks and hygiene supplies. This spring, Hanah applied for and received a volunteer award on behalf of […]

Meet April’s Advocate of the Month, David Hollingsworth!

David Hollingsworth has been an easy going, dedicated and inspiring volunteer since December of 2010. He is an engaging conversationalist, critical thinker, and a generous supporter of Teen Feed. David sees his life through a lens of interconnectedness and he engages and shares ideas with humble excitement. He even celebrated his birthday by asking his […]

Meet Debbie Tonkovich, March’s Advocate of the Month!

Debbie Tonkovich has been a dedicated Wednesday & Friday night advocate, offering two nights of consistency and stability for youth for the past eight months! She is trained in counseling with a Master’s Degree from Seattle University, is a proud mother of four, and is a reflective, thoughtful person with a humongous heart of gold.  […]

Meet Oliver Whyte, Excel guru and Advocate of the Month!

Oliver Whyte was once described to us as an Excel Guru. Turns out, he has his Ph.D in Computer Vision. Wow. Oliver recently lent us his Ph.D expertise and skills, transforming our sign-in procedure by developing a database to better track the information we collect each night at Teen Feed’s sign-in. Oliver has also been […]

Meet Kiyomi Higuchi, Advocate of the Month!

Kiyomi Higuchi ran the Seattle Half Marathon in under 2 hours. That is a true story. She also sold pieces of pie to her co-workers to raise money for Teen Feed during the half marathon fundraiser. What I’m trying to say is Kiyomi infuses her commitment to advocacy for homeless youth from program into her […]

December’s Advocate of the Month: Jason Dickson!

Jason Dickson has got it goin’ on! His committed presence at Teen Feed is appreciated by staff and youth alike. Jason goes above and beyond to support staff during program. Beyond his two nights as a Teen Feed advocate he also volunteers at ROOTS Young Adult Shelter. Teen Feed could hardly keep up with all […]

Advocate of the Year- Jenny Rose!

Jenny Rose is a champion. An advocate for almost two years, Jenny’s contagious and tenacious passion for youth makes her an excellent model for Teen Feed guests and other advocates.  Her authenticity and ability to “be real” enables her to  connect with youth in a way that a lot of people can’t – and the […]

September’s Advocate of the Month: Carl Powers

Getting to Know the Advocate of the Month: Carl Powers! Carl Powers is a stand-up guy. He has been a committed Teen Feed volunteer since 2007. Carl is an integral part of the Tuesday night advocate team, a natural leader, willing to help, articulate in his ability to spread his passion for Teen Feed and […]

Advocate of the Month: Sarah Anderson!

Teen Feed’s Advocate of the Month – Sarah Anderson!! Sarah Anderson rules. She has been an Advocate with Teen Feed for six months. In addition to her outstanding contribution as a volunteer, Sarah raised $2,520 for Teen Feed as a runner in the Rock n Roll Marathon. Her final time was 4 hours and 43 […]