Five Year Strategic Plan

Our Work Ahead:

In 2017, Teen Feed’s Board of Directors and staff launch a new Five Year Strategic Plan to offer, build, and ally with homeless youth. Our Strategic Plan is an effort to respond to the basic needs of homeless youth in our neighborhoods: meals, relationships, stability and networks with strong partners who complement what we do well. Our plan also demonstrates Teen Feed’s commitment to collaborate with the community to help meet those needs.

Our Strategic Vision is driven by four main focuses:

  1. Network with partners and programs throughout the greater Seattle area to ensure all homeless youth are fed.
  2. Collaborate creatively to champion access to safe housing for homeless youth.
  3. Engage the community & transform volunteers into passionate allies for homeless youth reducing staffing costs and using the passion of the community and volunteer labor to engage, excite and accomplish great things.
  4. Strengthen Teen Feed’s internal organizational capacity.

We Can’t Get There Alone:
As our partner in support of homeless youth we invite you to become involved in Teen Feed’s plans for the future. We welcome your interest and participation. To learn more, please reach Teen Feed’s Board of Directors at or